Q.1 : Do you make custom jewelry design?

Ans :Yes,We are happy to accept custom jewelry design orders. you can tell us your specification through email and we will get to you.

Q.2 : Where do you ship to?

 Ans : We ship worldwide .

Q.3 : If I order in bulk , what will be the discount for me ??


What is wholesale discount?? 

Ans : Yes, being a manufacturer we are happy to sell our products at wholesale price. please contact us for bulk orders and we will give you best quotations

Q.4 Please suggest us Care instructions

Ans : Jewelry is delicate piece of commodity, therefore, you should treat it as best as you can. Avoid getting your ring wet or wear it in the shower or pool or Jacuzzi or while doing strenuous activities. Also, avoid contacting your jewelry with lotion, perfume, or oil. Most damages comes from being careless with your jewelry, therefore, be cautious while wearing it.

Please store your jewelry in a zipped plastic packet to prevent oxidation

n  Would online Jewelry shopping be as simple and easy as shopping offline?

Definitely Ị our site is developed with considering all the factors which will provide our ultimate customers the experience of utmost ease.

Our easy to operate and user-friendly website will allow you to surf and shop easily without facing any difficulty.

n  How will I know if my placed order has been received by you or not? 

As soon as you are done with the procedure of placing your order, you will receive a message on your registered mobile no. or your registered email address about the confirmation of the order.

n  What is the procedure to check the status of my placed order?

Once your order is placed, you can easily check the status of your order by simply visiting to our official site and specifically in the segment named ‘My Order’. You will need to login first with your registered details to avail this facility.

It takes 2 working days to dispatch all the placed order from unit, and then once the order is dispatched all the necessary tracking details would be available online on your site.

n  Is it safe to pay online through my credit card?

Any crucial detail of your credit card is never stored by us in any way. Your credit card information is absolutely safe with us and with our payment solution providers, PayU and PayPal.

n  What if an item is out of stock?

We put in our all efforts to keep each and every product displayed on our site available/in stock for our customer. But practically at time circumstances arise when demand of our product exceeds its supply limit. In such cases, if any of our customer place order for such item/product which is not available/out of stock meanwhile, we will revert you through mail ………………………………………………………………………………………….

n  Do you offer any additional discount?

No, there is not any kind of additional offers/discounts served by us to the general public.

The prices of our products are already very genuine and comparatively low. We serve our products directly from the manufacturer and this leads to eliminatethe prices of middle men. We believe in delivering what’s genuine rather than coated in unwanted rates.

n  Why the stone color and design of the product seems to be bit different then the pictured displayed on the site?

All the pictures of the jewelry posted on the site is professionally taken by the photographer where the part of technology also takes place like, flash, day light touch, background, base of the jewelry and etc. due to these reasons there may occur few difference between the stone color and design, although we do our best to display among you all, all such pictures which are closest to the real one.

n  What does it mean by Two Tone style?

Two tone style is one of the most trending style of jewelry. It shows the combination by combining two metals. The designs of jewelry generally of sterling silver is silver color metal, brass is basically golden color and bronze is occurred by copper color


n  Are all the jewelry of your brand is 925 sterling silver?

We take no chance on the basis of purity, especially when it comes to the satisfaction and faith of our ultimate customers.

Yes, all the jewelry of our brand is certainly guaranteed 925 sterling silver.

n   What if we doubt and feel like the jewelry which we have received is not 925 sterling silver?

Till now we have not faced any case arise on the basis of the purity of our jewelry. Each and every product listed and displayed on our site is properly tested first and then is posted.

Even though, if any of our customer out there feels like being cheated or betrayed on the basis of the guaranteed product quality can reach out to any reliable store with that jewelry product and get it test. 

If in case for some reason the test fails, and does not show up to the mark result of the product then, please provide your local jeweler some necessary information: number if pieces tested, stone(s) on the specific jewelry, total length and width of the item, total appropriate weight of the item, and other details.

Last but not the least, we request you to attach a copy of your tested jewelry report.


n  Will I receive the same item as it is displayed on the website?

Yes there exist no chance of yours getting something else which is not shown.

You will be receiving what exactly is shown in the pictures of the site.   


n  The item which is been delivered is pretty small than what is shown in the picture?

To remove this barrier and for the better assessment of the jewelry product we have posted the close-ups of the jewelry with pictures taken from each and every angle. This will help you to have a better view of the pictures of jewelry displayed.

Apart from the pictures every crucial detail of the jewelry is been mentioned on the site for the convenience and to maintain the transparency of the product’s details with our customers.


n  The jewelry item which I want is not now visible on the site anymore do I still hold a chance to buy it?

There may be the possibility that the product you may wish to buy is sold out or is not in the stock/meanwhile available either. 

When such situation occurs, we suggest you to reach out to us with the details of that specific product.  Further we will get back to you with the information, that the specific product is available or not.

Even though we will try our best to make that product available for you.


n  Can I have my ring resized?

Until and unless it is not mentioned on the specific product, the facility to resize or to customize the product/ any or product would not be provided by us. 

You can get your ring resized easily by any local jeweler.




n  What is the estimated delivery time?

Delivery period totally varies prom place to place and area to area along with that the kind/type of product which is to be delivered is also considered as a vital factor.  The products which are ready to be shipped and are the orders which are to delivered within the nation’s boundary will take 2-10 business days to get delivered on your address.

On the other hand the rest of the products which comes under the ‘MAKE TO ORDER’ segment require 2-19 business days to get delivered.

** It is to inform that the business days does not include Sundays and other festive holiday or holiday declared by government.



n  When will I receive the refund amount of my returned products?

Once we will receive the returned item/product, our specialized team will check the product’s condition, whether it got used or damaged by the party in any way.

After getting the confirmation from our team that the provided product is authentic, we will further credit the original amount which has been paid, and all the credits will be issued to the same credit/debit card through which initially the payment was made. 

n  How do I exchange a product?

In seek to get exchanged the purchased product, one need to follow the procedure which is mentioned in our ‘return policy’.

Once you are done with the required procedure we will refund the amount in your debit/credit card which ever was initially used for the payment of the order.

** We request you to order the same item again from the official site of the brand in order to receive the exchanged product.

The procedure above mentioned is to be followed only to get your refund. To get the exchanged product one has to re-order the same product

n  What am I supposed to do when I can’t find the answer to my question in the provided FAQ?

If in case the answer to your question is not present in the listed FAQ, we request you to reach out through us from the avail able option on our site, i.e. CONTACT US. We will make sure to provide you a prompt respond related to you question, inquiry.