Arisha Silver Gemstones


Amazonite is a soothing stone. It calms the brain and nervous system and aids in maintaining optimum health. Amazonite is beneficial in osteoporosis, tooth decay, calcium deficiency, and calcium deposits. It relieves muscle spasms.


Amethyst is a natural tranquilizer, it relieves stress and strain, soothes irritability, balances mood swings, dispels anger, rage, fear, and anxiety. Alleviates sadness and grief, and dissolves negativity. Amethyst activates spiritual awareness, opens intuition, and enhances psychic abilities.


Ammolites can increase stamina, relieve trauma, and be used in meditation to connect with past lives. They are stones of luck, prosperity, and well-being, helping to alleviate depression and exhaustion.

Apache Gold

Apache Gold is bright and shiny gold Chalcopyrite and Arsenopyrite (silver) in a black Schist found in "The Big Hole" in Jerome, Arizona in 1928. Located high on top of Cleopatra Hill (5,200 feet) between Prescott and Flagstaff is the once-thriving mining town of Jerome, Arizona. The town was established in 1883.




Aquamarine, like emerald, is from the beryl family of minerals. Beryl is by itself transparent and colourless but the presence of impurities add colours to this gem, which here is iron ions that impart the luscious pale blue tint. Dissect the word and it means ‘sea water’, that makes the perfect description of the gem. Aquamarine is also known as ‘Beruj’ in some parts.




Azurite jewelry is quite easy to buy, including bead necklaces. It is a useful healing stone that can aid issues such as migraines, tinnitus and inner ear issues causing vertigo. It is said to help to clear toxins from the body, through its action to heal the liver, kidneys and gallbladder.

Blue Lace Agate

Similar to other agates and silica rocks, crazy lace agate is a good general healing stone. Crazy lace agate is commonly referred to as the "laughter stone," or "happy lace." It's a balancing and protecting stone, believed to ward off the "evil eye," bringing joy and absorbing emotional pain.

Blue Topaz

Topaz is a radiant gemstone available in multiple colors. It is one of the hardest stones among naturally occurring gemstones. Topaz is found in abundance almost everywhere on the earth. The main sources for most of the Topaz in the market are Brazil, Sri Lanka, Nigeria, China, Africa, Australia, Japan, and the USA.

Botswana agate

Botswana agate


Using Cacoxenite during meditation may stimulate the awareness of one's existence and may awaken memories of one's past life. Cacoxenite helps one understand and release negative attachments so they may move forward on their spiritual path and led a productive and positive lifestyle free from stress


A stabilising stone, Carnelian restores vitality and motivation, and stimulates creativity. It gives courage, promotes positive life choices, dispels apathy and motivates for success. ... Carnelian treats lower back problems, rheumatism, arthritis, neuralgia and depression.


Chalcedony is a nurturing stone that promotes brotherhood and goodwill. It absorbs negative energy. It brings the mind, body, emotions, and spirit into harmony. Chalcedony improves mineral assimilation and combats mineral buildup in veins.


Charoite generally strengthens the body, grounding high frequency energy into the physical system transmuting illness and disease into wellness. It assists in overcoming exhaustion, and stimulates and regulates blood pressure and pulse rate. It is an excellent cleanser of the body when taken as an elixir.


Chrysocolla, with associations of tranquility, peace, intuition, patience, and unconditional love, is known as a healing stone among Native American cultures where it has been used to strengthen the body's resistance to illness and emotional duress.


The word Citrine was officially used only after 1556. The stone was known as yellow quartz until then. Citrine has been believed to have magical powers for a prolonged period, which were not exactly beneficial to human folk. the 'merchant stone' is another name for Citrine.

Cubic Zirconia

Cubic Zirconia

Dendrite Agate

Dendrite Agate

Dinosaur Bone

Dinosaur Bone


The healing properties of Druzy Crystals are great for promoting natural healing on a physical, mental, and spiritual level. It's also known to boost the immune and reproductive systems. This crystal can be useful in treating infections, and it can also heal both emotional and mental issues.


Emerald is known as the “stone of successful love”. It brings loyalty and provides for domestic bliss. It enhances unconditional love, unity and promotes friendship. Emerald enhances psychic abilities, opens clairvoyance, and stimulates the use of greater mental capacity.

Ethiopian Opal

Ethiopian opal is believed to be an emotional intensifier, enhancing the true nature of those who wear it. Some say it strengthens the will to live and shields the wearer against negativity, burning off karma.


It absorbs and neutralizes negative energy and stress. An excellent learning aid, Fluorite increases our powers of concentration, self-confidence and helps us in decision-making. It encourages positivity, balances the energies, and improves balance and coordination, both physically and mentally.


Garnet is derived from the Latin word "granatus" which means 'grain' or 'seed-like' since red garnet stones appear like a pomegranate's red seed. The garnet jewellery is usually designed with dark red stones tightly and closely set together as in a pomegranate. Bohemian garnet jewellery is famous for this style.



Imperial Jasper

Imperial Jasper aligns the chakra and can be used as a chakra healing. It sustains and supports the soul at the time of stress and brings tranquility. It is also called as a “Supreme Nurture”, as it heals the complete soul of the body. Imperial Jasper is found in Mexico and is considered the finest variety of Jasper.


Iolite creates a strong constitution, ridding the body of fatty deposits. It diminishes the effect of alcohol and supports detoxification and regeneration of the liver. Treats malaria and fevers, and kills bacteria. Iolite aids the pituitary, sinuses, and respiratory system.


Jasper breaks with a smooth surface and is used for ornamentation or as a gemstone. It can be highly polished and is used for items such as vases, seals, and snuff boxes. Jasper, an aggregate of microgranular quartz and/or chalcedony and other mineral phases, is an opaque, impure variety of silica, usually red, yellow, brown or green in color; and rarely blue.


Blue Kyanite opens the throat chakra, encouraging communication and self-expression. It cuts through fears and blockages, helping to speak one's truth. It is very useful for public speakers and performers as it strengthens the voice and heals the throat and the larynx.


Labradorite is a naturally dark-colored, semi-precious gemstone from the Feldspar mineral family that exhibits some brilliant internal flashes (called Labradorescence) of peacock blue, coppery red, pale green and gold when light reflects over its surface. It is regarded as a wonderful healing gemstone that helps the wearer to stay positive, productive and healthy.


A stone of protection that may be worn to guard against psychic attacks, Lapis Lazuli quickly releases stress, bringing deep peace. Lapis Lazuli boosts the immune system, purifies blood, lowers blood pressure, cooling and soothing areas of inflammation. It alleviates insomnia and vertigo and overcomes depression.


Larimar is said to enlighten and heal in a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual way. It stimulates the heart, throat, third eye and crown chakras facilitating inner wisdom and outer manifestation. ... It represents peace and clarity radiating healing and love energy. It is recommended for people who are stressed.




Malachite is an important protection stone. Malachite absorbs negative energies and pollutants, picking them up from the atmosphere and from the body. Guards against radiation and clears electromagnetic pollution. Malachite clears and activates the chakras and attunes to spiritual guidance.

Montana Agate

Montana Agate is a stone that provides soothing energy which offers pleasant energy of speculation. Furthermore, it is believed to stimulate the sanctity which is true to boot out the conciliation purpose

Mookaite Jasper

Mookaite is a nurturing stone that supports and sustains during times of stress. It brings peace and a feeling of wholeness. Mookaite helps us with decision-making, especially when we are having a difficult time. It encourages versatility and helps us to accept change.


Our rainbow moonstone exhibits rainbows throughout. It is flashy and lavish. This gemstone’s deposits’ can be found in Sri Lanka, Australia, Mexico, Madagascar, Poland, and India. It helps strengthen intuition and psychic perception. A stone for “new beginnings”, Moonstone is a source of inner growth, strength and emotional stability.


It brings healing, compassion, assurance, and promise. With its gentle pink energy, Morganite attunes to the heart and the Heart Chakra. It cleanses the emotional body of stress and anxiety, old wounds and hidden traumas, and enkindles lightness within the spirit as if a burden has been lifted.

Mystic Topaz

Mystic Topaz has the meaning and properties of warding off evil spirits. This gemstone can strongly drive away negative energy. It will be useful when you want to get away from troubles. It would safely lead its owner to his or her goal.


Black Obsidian Stone is a powerful cleanser of psychic smog created within your aura and is a strong psychic protection stone. This stone has powerful metaphysical properties that will help to shield you against negativity. The energy of these stones may stimulate the gift of prophecy and may boost precognition.

Ocean Jasper

Ocean Jasper crystal will help to aid you to communicate more positively and allow loving feelings to be expressed in what you say. These crystals bring joy and elevated spirits and relieve stress, worry, and other negative feelings.


A powerful protection stone, Black Onyx absorbs and transforms negative energy, and helps to prevent the drain of personal energy. Black Onyx aids the development of emotional and physical strength and stamina, especially when support is needed during times of stress, confusion, or grief.


Opal is a naturally occurring gemstone. The name opal originates from the Sanskrit word ‘Upala' , meaning precious stone. It is also known as ‘Opallios’ in Greek. Opals have a pearly luster, and they sparkle in various shades when placed under light. The reason for this astounding color display is the presence of significant amounts of microscopic spheres of silica in these stones.


The oyster turquoise is made with a real shell from the spiny oyster, which is combined with turquoise to create the beautiful unique patterns of this ring. The most common places known for good quality turquoise are Iran (Persia), Egypt, Northwest China, Mexico, and the southwestern part of the United States.

Peanut Wood

Known as the “Stone of the Earth,” peanut wood jasper is a survival stone renowned for grounding and stabilizing emotions. During difficult times, a piece of petrified wood is believed to provide strength and support to the wearer by providing insight into cause and effect.


Pearls are unique spherical gemstones produced inside the shells of organisms like oysters and mollusks. Although these glistening objects are not from the mineral ores, they still fall under the category of precious gemstones. These are the only gemstones that we can obtain from living creatures.


The semiprecious stone Peridot is essentially an object composed of magnesium silicate material called Olivine formed inside the Earth’s mantle during its infancy. Peridot is also said to possess colour based, physical, emotional and spiritual healing energies associated with it. Peridot is beautifully crafted into pendants, studs, bangles and bracelets these days and is available in loose form as well.

Picture Jasper

Among practitioners of gemstone healing, picture jasper is a powerful grounding stone that promotes connection to the earth. Some view this stone as a direct message from the Earth itself, instilling a sense of proportion, bringing comfort, alleviating fear, and cultivating harmony.


It can heal the nervous system by invigorating the nerves and the brain, which makes it a very effective cure for lightheadedness and headaches. It's also very good in treating eye infections, long-distance focus, and dull vision. Pietersite can help balance your hormones and stimulate the pituitary gland.

Pink Argonite

Pink Argonite

Pink Opal

Pink Opal

Pink Thulite

Thulite was first discovered at a place called Sauland in Telemark, Norway in 1820. It is named after the mythical island of Thule in the belief that the island is Scandinavia. Thulite is used as a gemstone and carving material in the manufacture of jewelry and ornamental objects.


Prehnite is considered a stone of unconditional love and the crystal to heal the healer. It enhances precognition and inner knowing. Prehnite is well-suited to a pairing with crown chakra stones like amethyst and clear quartz. These stones enhance spiritual understanding as well as strengthen logical faculties.


Purpurite is a powerful ascension tool that helps attune one to higher energies, as well as open up and connect the third eye and crown chakra. Working with this mineral will help raise one's intuition levels and consciousness, as well as assisting one in the understanding of this new found powerstone.


Pyrite has long been valued as a strong protection stone that shields the wearer from negative energy as well as environmental pollutants. Thus, this stone helps promote physical well-being as well. Stimulating the second and third chakras, pyrite enhances strength of mind and willpower.

Rainbow Calsilica

Rainbow calsilica is a man-made material created for the gemstone market from carbonate rock (aka calcite or powdered limestone) and plastic set in resin and colored by artificial coloring pigments.


Rhodochrosite reflects the Light of the heart and love and stimulates the Heart Chakra. The Heart Chakra is located near the center of the breastbone and regulates our interaction with the external world and controls what we embrace and what we resist.

Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz is a prominent member of the Quartz family. This stone is often a beautiful sight to behold as it occurs in beautiful hues of soft, light, and medium pink and appears soothing to the eyes. Rose Quartz is found in abundance around the globe, but that does not tatter its image.



Ruby Zoisite

Ruby Zoisite


Rutile is a substance that makes frequent appearances in the gemstone world. Rutile is responsible for the "silk" that makes some rubies and sapphires especially valuable. It is also the cause of most asterism (the star effect) and chatoyancy (the cat's eye effect). It is microscopic inclusions of rutile that create these unusual optical phenomena.


Since Saturn rules the nervous system, the Blue Sapphire (Neelam) gemstone helps in handling nerve related tensions, neurological disorders etc. Wearing the Blue Sapphire provides protection against theft, terror, accidents, and problems caused due to natural calamities like storms, fire etc.


Septarian nurtures and grounds the wearer, bringing about feelings of happiness and understanding. This versatile stone is also a speaking stone that is said to improve the communication skills of the holder. Septarian is associated with the lower chakras: root, sacral and solar plexus.


Seraphinite is a stone of spiritual enlightenment. Seraphinite is healing for nerves and brain cells. It activates the spinal cord and its links to the etheric body (aura). Seraphinite releases muscle tension up into the neck.



Smokey Quartz

Smokey Quartz


High-quality sodalite is used as a gemstone, a sculptural material, and an architectural stone. Sodalite occurs in igneous rocks that crystallized from sodium-rich magmas. Sodalite is a member of the sodalite group with hauyne, nosean, lazurite, and tugtupite.

Solid Silver Jewelry

Solid Silver Jewelry


Metaphysical healers use stichtite to assist in restoring emotional and physical health after illness, depression, or emotional trauma. Stichtite has a strong effect on the heart, third eye, and crown chakras.

Stick Agate

Stick Agate


Sunstone is linked to luck and good fortune. It clears and energizes all the chakras. Sunstone instills good nature, heightens intuition, and allows the real self to shine through happily. It dissipates fearfulness, alleviates stress, and increases vitality.

Tiffany Jasper

Tiffany Jasper

Tiger Eye

A stone of protection, Tiger Eye may also bring good luck to the wearer. It has the power to focus the mind, promoting mental clarity, assisting us to resolve problems objectively and unclouded by emotions. Particularly useful for healing psychosomatic illnesses, dispelling fear and anxiety.




One of the most common uses for this crystal in feng shui is an energetic protection. Tourmaline helps to create a shield around a person or room to prevent negative or unwelcome energies from entering. It is also grounding and helpful to balancing all of the chakras.


For thousands of years, turquoise stones have been everyone's favourite ornamental gemstone. This beautiful opaque bright blue to blue-green coloured stone with its unique charisma as its best quality is one of the most prized gemstones of all. Other than its beauty, it is also believed to have both astrological and healing powers

Turtella Agate

Agate is an excellent stone for rebalancing and harmonizing body, mind, and spirit. Agate enhances mental function, improving concentration, perception, and analytical abilities. It soothes and calms, healing inner anger or tension, and creates a sense of security and safety.



Wave Dolomite

Wave Dolomite

With Out Gemstone

With Out Gemstone


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