Shipping Policy


Under written are some standard conditions which will govern the transaction taken between the ARISHASILVER and the client/customer who is buying/availing our e-services.



The client, after the selection of the specific item displayed on the official website of the company is required to pay the payment of the purchase price of the product in advance. While placing the order online, the client is requested to pay the specific price of the product online. 

On the basis of payment, our clients are allowed to use the direct valid Debit/ Credit card and PayPal; .  All payments which are made against the purchase or product/services on the website of the brand shall be mandatory done and is only acceptable to be of us dollars and Indian currency . Online payments which are done through the concerned banks would be considered at the time of the realization of the value.


Once the payment is received and the specific value of the product which is been displayed on the website is been realized by the merchant, the order placed would be accepted directly by the merchant itself. 

There stand no obligation on the part of the merchant, till the time the entire amount has been received by the merchant in his account.

All products which are displayed on the official website of the brand are subject to be considered in stock/ as available until and unless it is been specifically mentioned over the web.

If in case the order is been cancelled by the merchant after the customer has remitted the considered amount, the merchant shall be liable to refund such amount to the client/customer without any interest.

All the transaction placed on the official website and the information related to the product which is mentioned on the website of the brand shall subject to the disclosure of true and accurate.



The products of the brand would be deemed to be delivered by the third party  like post and ups , fedex , etc once they will be dispatched to the address provided by the client/customer.

An invoice will be issued by the merchant related to every transaction which will carry all the crucial details related to the transaction along with the product which is to be delivered.

It is the duty of the client/customer to inspect/examine the product promptly the moment it will be received by them and get back to the merchant if in case any defect or lack of service is found.

The amount of the shipping charges is not rigid it varies according to the product which is to be delivered, the weight of the product, and the place where the product is to be delivered.

No complaints from the client/customer related to the product will be entertained by the merchant after 96 hours of the product received.



Minor disparity from the image displayed on the website would not be considered as the basis of defect product. 

The customer’s warranty claims shall be up to some limited issues. Claims beyond the subsequent performance would not be considered or entertained by the merchant.